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Paris Centquatre - 34 x34 cm - 2013

Old plaster, structures and traces of faded posters and texts. Shadows of people passing by. Moments.

In the new works, these elements are traced or quoted and placed on marble and plaster structures as fictitious photography, gouache and drawing.

... Ralf Walraff's most recent works street notes are puzzle pictures, monochrome miniatures whose brittle structure reflects fragility and transience. Inspired by weathered facades, on which traces of word and image fragments of old posters could still be guessed at, he now composes street scenes by means of photography, drawing and painting and allows these to merge associatively into new motifs. With subtle humour he looks at the everyday; in this way the viewer is able to discover the familiar and irritating.

Text: Catalogue Kunsttage Brauweiler 2014

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