Last Exhibitions 2022

March 2022

Maison Art Pütz, Montzen
Rue de Hombourg 2

Show with works by Monika Thorwart (comics, videos), Markus Baldegger (painting), Ralf Walraff (collages), Nadine Liesse (painting) and Christian Hein (material collages).

Rue de Hombourg 2
B - 4850 Montzen
East Belgium


August 2022
Eschweiler Standpunkte (G)
Eschweiler Kunstverein

September 2022
34. KunstTage Rhein-Erft
Abtei Brauweiler/Gierdensaal

October 2022

Group exhibition "Art in the Factory"
at the Bizz Park in Oberbruch


Jour de France

Jour de France

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