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.. ein Rückblick

  • The power of borders

    ... and indeed the forms are familiar to the human eye. Everyone sees or recognizes what is personally important to them. Surprised, we discover that human bodies can be defined and represented by sinusoidal curves and rectangles, and at the same time discover the beauty hidden in the patterns of nature and art.

  • Scetches of sound

    ... it's about the moment when the musician has forgotten everything else around him, when the music has reached him physically, he is the only one with the sounds that his hands, his breath form, that he loves, sometimes sad sometimes enthusiastic, that he lets out into the world, in grim, loving, sometimes almost tender dialogue with his instrument.

  • CAP

    The works focus on public space, urban scenes and localities. Earthy, subdued tones with deliberately set, luminous accents, strong, broad brushstrokes and fine oil chalk lines lend the two-dimensional surface surprising depth and bring it to life.

  • Streetviews

    ... The love of a place does not immediately include its change. Sometimes we only love the cliché, are fascinated by its history, by the opinions of others about it. We then love him as we want to know him and not as he might be in reality. The cliché is enough for us.