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Greeting from the Ambassador of the
Federative Republic of Brazil (2000)

It was with great pleasure that the Brazilian Embassy assumed patronage of the exhibition "Mythos - Götterwelten" ("Myths - Worlds of Gods"), which will be presented to the German public in the Old Town Hall in Würselen from 13 May 2000 and which is a particularly good example of how stimulating and enriching a collaboration between German and Brazilian artists can be for both sides.

The Brazilian dancer and choreographer Márcio Valeriano, who died in 1997, had created a dance cycle under the name "Mythos" in which he evoked the gods of the Afro-Brazilian cult Candomblé. The encounter between him and the Aachen communication designer Ralf Walraff opened up new horizons for both artists and fostered their mutual understanding of the differences between the two cultures. The video artist Gerd Plitzner was also enthusiastic about the new possibilities opened up by this exchange and enriched the dance and painting elements of this collaboration with his photographic and video art. The results of this artistic cooperation, which unfortunately only lasted until 1997, are now presented to the interested public in Würselen.

I would like to congratulate those responsible who have succeeded in putting together an extraordinary exhibition and I am sure that it will be well received by the public.

Roberto Abdenur