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  • Mythos

    The language of dance. Calm, controlled movements, fast turns, exuberant jumps. Not documentation, but understanding a form of expression that is at home all over the world. And so the photographs have already taken their permanent place in the German Dance Archive last year. Stefan Skowron, Schloss Burgau, Düren 2000

  • Sound

    This direct contact gives the photographically fixed pose a form of expression of the highest intensity. Each of these musical greats was involved in the collaboration with Ralf Walraff in a very personal and very different way: For example, for her he was a photographer who wanted to portray her at work and later paint her, but then everyone contributed intensively in their own way to the success of the "Sketches of Sound". Aachener Zeitung

  • Peepshow

    These pictures were taken during a documentation of German fairytale parks that had disappeared over several years - and if they are still alive today, this work will be carried out continuously.